News & Upcoming Events!
Halloween Comic Fest 2015
Oct. 31, 2015,
10:00am - 6:00pm
Comic Odyssey - Fully Booked Branch
The Fort (BGC)

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Commission & Sketch Rates*

Pencils/Inks Rates**
Blank Covers/Backing Boards P1,000.00
Wrap-around Blank Covers / A3 (11x17 inches) Vellum/Bristol P2,000.00
Head Shot (Shoulder Up) - Local Events Only !
Full Head Shot Sketch Commission
Quick Head Shot Commission (Approx. <5 minutes)
Fully Painted and/or with Inks ***
Blank Covers/Backing Board
- only for front blank covers.
A3 (approx. 11x17 inches) Vellum/Watercolor Paper P2,500.00
9x12 inches Vellum/Watercolor Paper P2,000.00
* These are Philippines Peso rates for local conventions and events. Comics blank ocvers are NOT provided by the artist.
** One (1) character per sketch/commission.
*** One (1) character per painted commission.

All additional characters and backgrounds will go under negotiation.
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